Twin Cities Reunion

Minnelantan Group

Stefanie Yelverton – CEO


Tina Brewer – CMO


Renee Vincent – CIO


Charlita Nunn – CFO


Tanya Lawrence – CPM


Serena Nunn McCullers – COO


About Us

MinneLantan Group is comprised of six African-American women who grew up in north Minneapolis and moved to Atlanta. Their strong family ties to Minnesota resulted in the creation of the annual Twin Cities Reunion (TCR) event. 

Growing up, we had a strong sense of pride in the north side and surrounding communities. As adults living in Atlanta, we missed those bonds created during our childhood. We longed for the "good ole days" in Twin Cities' neighborhoods. By hosting the TCR, our goal is to (re)unite friends, serve the community, and strengthen fellowships within Twin Cities' communities. 

As the MinneLantan Group, we are proud of the success of the TCR annual event. For the past four years, attendance year-over-year has increased exponentially. TCR attendance has grown from approximately 700 to more than 2,000 attendees. In 2019, we expect attendance to increase.

The success of TCR is due primarily to the support of local Twin Cities community residents and leaders as well as the due diligence, passion, and tenacity of the MinneLantan Group. Through our combined efforts we will continue to "revive the pride" in our Twin Cities' neighborhoods. 

The MinneLantan Group is also seeking organizations interested in partnering or sponsoring TCR. Organizations that believe in our mission and goals are encouraged to contact us for more information.




We strive to serve our community through giving. Every year, at all TCR events, we collect hygiene products and donate them to elementary, middle, and high school students throughout the Twin Cities. 



TCR events are created to encourage fellowship and involvement within our communities. From the Mix 'n Mingle to the family style barbecue, TCR events inspire attendees to reconnect with long lost friends as well as build new relationships. 



TCR is MinneLantan's vessel used to promote our philanthropic services. We hope to strengthen the lines of communication between the community and its leaders. Empowerment and enriching the health of the community are our primary goals.